Radio Imperial Dabman i200 brązowy



The IMPERIAL DABMAN i200 combines the features of a DAB+ and FM radio with the huge possibilities of internet radio and home networking.Being capable of receiving digital and analogue radio signals via DAB+ and FM as well as internet radio stations, the DABMAN i200 may also be connected to mobile devices via UPnP. By doing so, the radio may also be used as a stereo loudspeaker, replaying music from external devices inside a home network. A range of features such as plug & play installation, time display, multilingual menu and alarm clock mode top off the list of useful functions, making the IMPERIAL DABMAN i200 one of the best hybrid radios in its class.- DAB+, FM RDS and internet radio.- UPnP/DLNA compliant.- Simple and intuitive operation.- Illuminated 2.8‘‘ (7.2cm) TFT color display.- USB audio data playback (e.g. MP3).- Clock display, alarm mode and sleep timer.- AirMusic Control APP.- High performance stereo speakers feat. 2x 10W output and equalizer.- WLAN Onboard.- Weather forecast for up to 5 days.- Power switch.




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